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Plaster and Painting NYC

Painting an apartment in New York is a fine art. Careful consideration is taken to the cleanliness and organization of the job-site. Protection of the floor and valuable possessions is very important for an excellent client relationship.

  • Insurance and certificates files with Building.
  • Site preparation – plastic appliance dust protection, floor double and triple protection.
  • Plaster repairs – skim-coating to level 5 finish as needed. Individual wall and plaster repairs.
  • Ceiling repair and water damage sealing and repair.
  • Fine finish painting.
  • Faux finishing, decorative finishes, custom paints with Farrow & Ball, Ralph Lauren, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Hollandlac.
  • Wallpaper installations.
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Paint contractor in NY with plaster repairs

Consideration given to all Yelp and Angie’s List reviewers. Paint contractor references.

Call now for free painting estimates, for a free walk-through. Don’t hesitate to call, we are open to give paint color advice and partner with several Interior Designers. Consider us for all your painting, decorative paint, skim coating, wall paper, faux finish, and woodwork repairs.

Your best bet is clicking on the Standard Pricing page above and sending us any and all data you have on your project. An accurate contractor does not always have to visit your apartment to give a good quote.

Most requests we get have to do with repair and painting Manhattan apartments. <– see this important article on Brick Underground:

  1. Home Depot may lack cachet, but… according to Consumer Reports, its Behr paint is practically formulated for New York apartment life. It does the best job of hiding a color underneath with one coat and it combines paint and primer into one, saving time and money.  It’s also budget friendly and very low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds), chemicals that make paint smell like paint. Behr met the toughest regional California VOC standard of 50 grams per liter; good news for New Yorkers concerned with indoor air quality.
  2. Your painter might need to be lead certified In buildings born before 1978, your painter must have passed a lead paint certification course. That’s because even though lead paint has been off the market for decades, you may still encounter it when sanding years of paint from, say, windowsills before repainting begins.
  3. Consider buying the paint yourself Your contractor may try to substitute a cheaper  “contractor grade” paint that bears the brand name you asked for but doesn’t perform or hold up as well.
  4. No, your college brother can’t paint your apartment during spring break In a co-op or condo, you must hire a licensed contractor who is insured (typically $1 million per incident, $2 million total) and, probably, has workers’ comp insurance in case someone is injured on the job. The co-op board or condo association, the managing agent and apartment owner must be added as additional insured on the contractor’s policy – a procedure that sometimes takes a few days. In a rental, many leases impose similar requirements.  It’s also a good idea to tell the landlord you’re painting and ask whether he has someone on contract for the building to recommend. Landlords often do, but these guys may be more handymen than painters. You should check them out as you would the other contractors you’re considering.

Can use Behr, Sherwin Williams, or even Farrow and Ball! And yes we have full Contractor Insurance for your building!

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